Expocasearia – Technologies for the production and distribution of dairy products

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The growing of small cheese factories starts from Cremona, at the centre of the Italian milk production

Expocasearia is focused on making breeders meet the best prlavorazione latteoducers of technology and equipment for milk processing, and discover all the opportunities offered by this industry.

Today, in Italy there are 3,500 small cheese factories, most of them concentrated in the north of the country. If we consider that in Italy there are about 34,000 dairy farms, we can say that there is a big growth potentiality.

Companies are looking for know-how in order to get into the industry

How to create a small cheese factory? How much does it cost? What can it produce? Who should create it?

At Expocasearia you can find the answers to these and other related questions.
As a matter of fact, entering such a dynamic industry needs a complete know-how of laws, management, market and future scenarios. Expocasearia is the ideal place to get these information, thanks to over 100 exhibitors, and a huge programme of workshops, practical demonstrations and seminars dedicated to milk processing.

What you will find at Expocasearia:

  • Milking machines
  • Analysis
  • Control
  • Milk and cheese processing
  • Refrigerators
  • Ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Transport
  • Distribution
  • Hygiene, quality control, microbiology
  • Complete processing lines
  • Waste disposal
  • Quality certification
  • Consulting services
  • Training centres
  • Specialized publishing
  • Associations and institutions

Simultaneously with

BO16 - loghi singoli-296x118_IP-ENG The only Italian pig breeding Show, it takes place  in the area with the highest concentration of large farms and processing industries. It is a useful and effective tool for Italian breeders, especially in difficult times that still affect the sector. 
BO16 - loghi singoli-296x118_BO-ENG The only Show in Italy specialized in dairy farming, and one of the 3 most important events in the world for the sector. Besides exhibiting the best international brands for dairy farming equipment and services, each year the show hosts the Italian Holstein Competition with more than 400 heads of cattle.
BO16 - loghi singoli-296x118_IPF-ENG An event dedicated to the poultry industry in which international leading specialists discuss the technological, veterinary, and market novelties. IPF is an event that is becoming increasingly important within our Livestock Fairs also from an exhibition point of view.

Cremona International Livestock Exhibition | 2016 figures

  • 811 internationaò brands
  • 104 specialized events with over 300 speakersMore than 250 speakers
  • 20 official delegations of professionals from 16 Countries
  • 60,420 visitors
  • 3.800 international professionals from 33 different countries