International Dairy Cattle Show

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The International Dairy Cattle Show is the most important European exhibition in the dairy industry, and it is certainly one of the major events of the field at global level; it is the right place to meet the farmers with the greatest investment capacity in Italy, and the most important trade companies in this sector.

In fact, Cremona is the national capital of milk: within 50km from Cremona 30% of the Italian milk is produced and are located more than 7,400 of the largest cattle farms.

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These farmers are always looking for new technical solutions and services to improve their work in the farm, and the International Dairy Cattle Show, with its brands, is the right place to find them.

Here are some figures of 2015 edition:


Cremona showcases European top-level genetics

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Every year the International Dairy Cattle Show presents the best Italian and European heads of cattle and the most qualified genetic research centers in the world. Moreover, every year the International Dairy Cattle show hosts the Italian Holstein Competition, with more than 400 heads of cattle coming from the best Italian farms.

The hot-topics of dairy industry

One of the strengths of the International Dairy Cattle Show is the rich program of seminars and conferences that proposes each year the hottest issues of the sector with the expertise of its most qualified international specialists. Among the topics of the past edition:

  • Livestock precision
  • Organic farming
  • Milk processing on the farm site
  • Automated stable

Simultaneously with

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